Gold Scrub

Key Ingredient :

Juglans regia (Akhrot chhal Fruit bark )4 %, Svarna (Bhasma) 0.01%, Curcuma longa ( Haldi
Rhizome ext.) 2%, Santalum album (Chandan Stem bark ext. ) 1% , Cydonia oblonga ( Bihidana Seed ext.) 3%,
Lepidium sativum (Halon Seed ext.) 1 %, Cucumis sativus
(Kheera Seed ext.) 3%, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium benzoate, Perfume & base q.s.

Uses :

Our Gold Scrub gently eliminates dead skin cells and refines the texture of the skin, leaving it radiant and soft.
POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: Gold, a powerful anti-inflammatory, repairs accumulated micro-damage to reduce the appearance of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. Cucumber cleans skin and unclogs pores.
It helps with Oil Control, Whitening, and Pore Tightening and gives a healthy glow and pure radiance to the skin. It also protects your skin against pollution.
Gold Serum

Quince seed rich and cucumber seed rich gold serum is fortified with anti-inflammatory and complexion enhancer swarna bhasma. It nourishes deep skin layers and provides a radiant and natural glow.



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