Depigmentation Cream

Key Ingredient :

Rubia cordifolia Manjistha 2 % Stem Glycyrrhiza glabra Mulethi 3% Root
Pyrus malus Seb 3% FruitĀ  Cocos nucifera Narikela 3 % Pericarp
Carica papaya Papita 3 % Fruit Vitis vinifera Draksa 3 % Fruit
Daucus carota Gajar 2 % Seed Camellia sinensis Green tea 1 % Leaf

Uses :

ALNA DEPIGMENTATION CREAM is enriched with natural herbal extracts of Indian madder, Liquorice, apple, coconut, Papaya, carrot which are natural depigmenting ingredients. They lighten spots, scar marks and blemishes and evens out skin tone.



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