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Mouth Ulcer Gel

Brand Name:Mouth Ulcer Gel

Packaging Size:

Brief Introduction: ULCIWASH gel ensure very quick Relief from mouth ulcers. Formulated from natural herb extracts, the gel does not have any side effect. With the regular use of gel on the affected part, one can get an instant Relief from ulcer and denture irritation. 


Brand Name: ULCIWASH Gel

Packaging Size: The ulciwash gel is available in 10 gm of tube.

Key Ingredients / Composition: Each 10gm tube of gel comprises of:

  • Khadr: 134 mg
  • Tagar: 3.2 mg
  • Rasma: 1.6 mg
  • Irimad: 134 mg
  • Irimad: 134 mg
  • Sharkara: 150 mg
  • Lodhra: 3 mg
  • Yashthimadhu: 40 mg
  • Kushtha: 4.8 mg
  • Karpoor: 1 mg
  • Flavored & preserved in a gel based form: q.s.


Precautions: The ULCIWASH Gel tube should be stored in a dry, dark and cool place. The gel should be not be freeze and kept away from the reach of children. After each use, the tube should be capped tightly. The ulciwash gel is for only external use. 

Usage: The Ulciwash gel is used to cure mouth ulcers, denture irritation and teething pain. 


Recommended Dosage: Apply the gel with fingertips on the affected part three to four times a day. 

Indications: The mouth ulcer gel is effective for:

  • Gingvitis
  • Oral Thrush
  • Mouth Ulcers
  • Denture stomatits
  • Reduce bleeding & Inflammation in mouth
  • Teething Pain


Purpose: The gel is best for curing mouth ulcers.


  • Analgesic gel
  • Instant Relief from mouth ulcers
  • No side effects


Disclaimer : Statements on this website is collected from online and offline references. Kindly consult to physician for any further assistance. Products and techniques here are not intended to diagnose , treat , cure or prevent any disease.

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