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Brand Name:ISABGOL

Packaging Size: Bottle


Herbal Fibre Laxative

Gently Relieves Constipation & Helps Restores Regularity

Key Ingredients / Composition

·         Each 10gm Contains :-

·         Isabgol Husk-5mg

·         Mulathi-1gm

·         Sannay Patti-2 gm

·         Saunth-1gm

·         Nimbu Satva-500mg

·         Gulab Phool-500mg

·         Indicatons


·         Constipation can be cured with the help of Isabgol.

·         Isabgol is beneficial for treating diarrhea.

·         Problem of acidity can be cured with Isabgol.

·         Isabgol is more effective for digestion and also helps in weight loss.

·         The fibre present in Isabgol is great to reduce cholesterol levels and also good for heart health.

·         Isabgol is also great for people, who is suffering with diabetes.

·         Isabgol can cure anal fissures and piles.


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