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Third party manufacturing is by far the best option if you want to get your own herbal products manufactured without setting up a manufacturing unit. Herbal products or Ayurvedic products market is expanding at an exponential rate. Herbal medicines, herbal cosmetics, and herbal personal care products are the ones that are available. There are many a company in India which manufacture herbal products for the third party. Finding the best one is a challenge. Here is a guide on how you can find a good herbal third party manufacturing company and what the procedures are for third party manufacturing.

What is Third party manufacturing in herbal product and how is it done?

Once you select the brand name, composition and product design of a product, you make an arrangement with herbal third party manufacturing company that after the product is manufactured you will purchase the product at a mutually pre-decided rate within a specific period of time.

Herbal Third Party Manufacturing Company


The manufacturer only manufactures the product and sells it to the third party and the third party solely sells and promotes the product.

The product bears the name of the manufacturer under the heading, ‘manufactured by’ and the third party is written against ‘Marketed by’.

What is Third party manufacturing of ayurvedic products?

Herbal products in India are manufactured mostly as Ayurvedic products. Ayurvedic products are overseen by AYUSH department. Any new product that has to be manufactured needs to get approval from AYUSH department of the state. After getting approved the product can be taken up for manufacture and marketing.

The ayurvedic products are categorized into three categories; patent, proprietary and classical. Patented and proprietary products have new composition whereas classical products have the composition as given in the ancient ayurvedic books.

In third-party manufacturing of Ayurvedic products, the approval is applied for by the manufacturing company.

The scope of Ayurvedic medicine third party manufacturing

Ayurvedic medicines are not only made up of herbal products but also of mineral and animal-derived raw material. The ayurvedic medicines are time tested and are very beneficial. The awareness of Ayurvedic medicines is increasing the world over. The opportunities for export are also expanding at a fast pace.

Ayurvedic medicines are also finding a greater place in Allopathy where allopathic doctors are also prescribing Ayurvedic medicines along with allopathic medicines.

How to find the best Third party herbal products manufacturers?

There are about 8400 Ayurvedic manufacturing plants in India. Out of which many undertake third party manufacturing. On how to select the best third party herbal products manufacturers, keep the following points in consideration:

  • The company must have an AYUSH certified manufacturing facility.
  • The company must be GMP certified.
  • The company must have a good rapport among clients.

Alna Vedic: One of the best Herbal third party manufacturing company in India.

Alna Vedic has an enthusiastic in-house team of professionals who maintain strict quality standards. Alna Vedic has its own manufacturing unit which GMP certified and complies with the guidelines of WHO-GMP and HALAL. It does third-party manufacturing besides having its own line of products. It also provides Ayurvedic products franchise in India. For more details, contact us at+91 9041041323.  You can also mail us at


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