Is Starting Franchise of Herbal Products Franchise Company a Good Option?

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Herbal Products Franchise Company – A franchise is a business model that is relatively new. It has come to fore in around 20th century in America. McDonald’s success story is not unknown to anyone. Pharma industry has only recently picked up the model. A type of franchise, PCD (Propaganda-Cum-Distribution) is the type of franchise model that is running successfully in Pharma products.

Herbal Products Franchise Company

Franchise in herbal products is a new, promising business avenue that is proving to be successful in contemporary times. Herbal products include herbal medicines, herbal cosmetics, herbal wellness products, and herbal personal care products.

Why the Herbal Products Franchise?

Demand for herbal products is on the rise. People world over are willing to replace chemical-based products by herbal- based products.  Chemicals have revolutionized our lives and made our lives easier and faster. But then, they have slowly started showing up the ill effects on health. Paracetamol is great in fever and pains. It is a wonderful drug when used for a short duration. But, when used for longer durations, might have toxic effects on the liver and kidney. Giloy, on the other hand, doesn’t have such dramatic effect but is safe to use in chronic fevers.  Due to these effects, the people are demanding herbal products and the demand will only rise in the near future. According to the estimates of industry, the herbal market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17 % in 2019-2022. Therefore, starting the franchise in herbal products is but beneficial.

Know something about Ayurvedic medicine companies before Starting a franchise.

Ayurvedic medicine companies in India are regulated by AYUSH departments of the respective states. The manufacturing and sale of the Ayurvedic products is regulated by the Drug and Cosmetic Act, 1940. Ayurvedic medicine is manufactured at an AYUSH approved, GMP certified Ayurvedic manufacturing unit. The approval for an Ayurvedic medicine is taken from the AYUSH department of the state. There are two types of ayurvedic medicines, classical and patent/proprietary. Classical products are those which are based on formulations mentioned in the ancient Ayurvedic texts. Patent/ Proprietary

Medicines are those which are formulated using ayurvedic herbs but using own formula.

Ayurvedic Medicine Company in India: How many of them are there in India?

Pioneer Ayurvedic medicine companies were Dabur, Himalaya, Emami, and Hamdar, which uplifted Ayurveda and took it to the western world too. New companies like Patanjali have also grown tremendously in the past decade and are making a big mark in India and abroad. They have also generated awareness about the beneficial effects of Ayurveda in the world.

Besides these, there are many medium and small companies that have come up now in India. According to an estimate, there are about 8400 ayurvedic medicine companies in India which are manufacturing not just ayurvedic medicines but also ayurvedic cosmetics and personal care products.

Starting Franchising business with Herbal Products Franchise Company.

Starting a franchise business with Herbal Products Franchise Company needs you to have the following requisites:

  • 2-3 years of sales and marketing experience in the relevant industry.
  • An investment plan and business running model.

An ayurvedic medicine PCD franchise company generally needs one to fulfill certain requirements:

  • Minimum investment ranging from 10,000 to 1-2 lakhs, which depends on company to company.
  • A GST number for trading.

Franchising with Alnavedic, a Chandigarh based Ayurvedic Franchise Company

Alnavedic is an Herbal products franchise company situated in the picturesque surroundings of Panchkula. It manufactures Ayurvedic medicines, Ayurvedic cosmetics, and Personal care products.  It has its own AYUSH, GMP certified manufacturing unit with state of the art facilities of manufacturing. Armed with an enthusiastic team for research and development, quality analysis and quality certification, pharmaceutical professionals, Ayurvedic -herbal and cosmetic consultants Alnavedic is veering towards the success path at a fast rate.

Benefits of joining the best Pcd based Ayurvedic Company of the region

Alna Vedic has a wide product range is flexible to the changing dynamics of the market and open to new ideas and innovations.

Alnavedic has a support system in place which provides product training and business guidance. It also provides market offerings and gifts.

Conclusion: Start a PCD franchise of Ayurvedic herbal PCD Company and jump into the success bandwagon!

For interested and enthusiastic, it is a promising business avenue. Stop not, chase your dreams, Start a Herbal Products Franchise Company! For more information call us at +91-9041041323 for further inquiry.  You can also mail us at


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