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Alna Aloevera Capsules

Brand Name: Alna Aloevera Capsules

Packaging Size:

Composition: Each 500 mg Alna Aloevera Capsule Contain:-


  • Ghrit Kumari   300mg Extract,
  • Ghrit Kumari  200mg Powder

Alna Vedic is an ayurvedic medicine franchise company. We are offering ayurvedic medicine franchise monopoly rights for vacant area. We are having a wide range of Ayurvedic Medicine , Single Herbs, liver Tonic, Stone Removing medicine and many more. If you are interested for ayurvedic medicine franchise . Enquire Now.

Benefits :

·         Nerve tonic

·         skin disorders

·         Diabetes

·         Arthritis

·         Stimulate hair Follicles

·         Immunity Booster

·         Improves Digestive System

·         Anti-Inflammatory

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